Healing gemstone beaded accessories


Age of Aquarius Jewels was born out of a desire to create accessories that will inspire and cultivate positive energy, and inspiration to the wearer. Gemstones are known to have natural healing properties. Throughout the ages, the healing properties of gemstones and crystals have been recognized and used in many cultures, which include African, Egyptian, Native American, Asian and Jewish. 


Healing with gemstones isn't meant as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment. So please see your doctor if you have physical or mental health issues.

In my personal experience true healing begins with a spiritual foundation and takes inner work. Remember that our thoughts, actions and words are powerful...


My intention is to empower and inspire FAITH + HOPE + LOVE & COURAGE through my designs.

All pieces are smudged and cleansed with sage. 

Please Note

The color intensity of the beads and metals may vary slightly from what is shown due to computer monitor settings.